A Saucerful of Secrets (w/. Orchestra & Choir) (Waters, Gilmour, Wright, Mason/1968)

Alien Orchestra (non-crédité/1971)

Anything (non-crédité/1971)

Arnold Layne(Barrett/1967)

Astronomy Dominé (Barrett/1967)

Atom Heart Mother (Reprise) (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright, Geesin/1970)


Baby Blue Shuffle in D Major(Gilmour/1968)

«BBC colour TV series»(Barrett/1967)

Behold the Temple of the Light(Wright/1969)


Big Theme(Gilmour/1992)


Bitter Love(Waters/1974)

« Blues »(Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1970)

Boon Tune (Barrett/1967)

Boppin' Sound (non-crédité/1968)

Bottles (non-crédité/1971)

Brain Damage (Waters/1971)

Bring the Boys back Home (Orchestral version) (Waters/1982)


Careful with that Axe, Eugène (Remake for Ballet Roland Petit/1973)

Careless Love

Carrera Slow Blues(Gilmour, Mason, Wright/1992)

« Caroline Oveguian’s Song » (Gilmour/1966)

Cops and Robbers

Corporal Clegg(Waters/1968)

Corrosion (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1970)

Country Song (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1969)

Country Theme (Gilmour/1992)

Cymbaline (Film Version) (Waters/1969)


Daybreak (reprise)(non-crédité/1969)

Death Disco(aka Death to the Disco) (Waters/1978)

Doing It!(non-crédité/1969)

Don’t Ask Why(Wright/1965)


Flapdoodle Dealing(non-crédité/1966)

Flight from Reality(Waters/1975)

Free Four(Waters/1972)


Games for May(Barrett/1967)

Gimme a Break(Cox/1966)

Green Onion(Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright/1967)


Mademoiselle Nobs (Waters, Wright, Gilmour, Mason/1971)

Main Theme (Film version) (Waters, Wright, Gilmour/1969)

Manz #1 (Gilmour, Manzenara/1986)

Manz #2 (Gilmour, Manzenara/1986)

Manz #3 (Gilmour, Manzenara/1986)

Matilda Mother (Barrett/1967)

Mexico’ 78 (Gilmour/1992)

« Monsieur René Magritte Soundtrack » (Waters, Gilmour/1978)

Moonhead(Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1969)



Nick’s Boogie (1st, 2nd& 3rd movements) (non-crédité/1968)

Nightmare (Waters/1969)

No Money Down (non-crédité)

No one tells me anything around here (non-crédité/1970)

« No Title » (non-crédité/1967)


Obscured by Clouds (Film version) (Waters, Gilmour/1972)

One in a Million (Wright/1967)

One of these Days #1 (Jimmy Young version) (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour/1971)

One of these Days #2 (Jimmy Young version) (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour/1971)

Outside the Wall (Waters/1981)

Overture (Waters/1981)

Overture for Comfortably Numb (Waters/1979)


Paintbox (Wright/1967)

Pam Am Shuffle(Gilmour, Mason, Wright/1992)

Paris' Bar (non-crédité/1969)

Pawn to King 5 (Gilmour, Wright/1968)

Peace be with you(Gilmour/1986)

Piggy Back Surfers (Diddley)

Pink Theme (non-crédité/1966)

Play the Blues (non-crédité/1971)

Pompeii (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1972)

Prelude (Vera) (Waters/1978)


Raving & Drooling(Waters/1974)

Reaction in G (non-crédité/1966)

Road Runner

Roger's Blues (Non-crédité/1969)

Roger's Tune (Non-crédité/1968)

Rooftop In A Thunderstorm Row Missing The Point (1967/Barrett)

Rythm Track(non-crédité/1968)


Have you got it yet ? (Barrett/1968)

Here Come Santa (Unknow/1969)

Higway Song (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1969)

Hollywood (Gilmour/1969)

How do you feel ? (Waters/1974)

How High the Moon


I Can tell (Didley/1966)

I Got Love if you want it

I’m a Lover Not a Fighter (Barrett/1967)

« Improvisation in B minor » (non-crédité/1969)

In the Flesh? (Waters/1979)

In the Flesh! (Waters/1979)

Incarceration of a Flower Child (Waters/1968)

« Instrumental » (non-crédité/1967)

« Instrumental » (Non-crédité/1972)

« Instrumental » (Unknow/1981)

Instrumental interlude (Waters/1978)

Interstellar Overdrive (Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason/1966)

Interstellar Overdrive (Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason/1969)

Is there Anybody out there ? (part 2) (Waters/1978)

Is there Anybody out there ? (part 3) (Waters/1978)

It’s never too late (Waters/1977)


Jews Harp and the Windchimes (Gilmour/1969)

John Latham (non-crédité/1967)

Just another Twelve Bar Blues (non-crédité/1970)


Keep Smiling People (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1968)


« L’Art et la Machine Soundtrack » (Geesin, Waters/1974)

« Le Dadaïsme » (Waters/1974)

« Le Surréalisme » (Mason, Waters/1974)

Learning to Fly (Gilmour, Moore, Ezrin, Carin/1986)

Learning to Fly (Reprise) (Gilmour, Moore, Ezrin, Carin/1986)

Let’s Roll Another One (Barrett/1966)

Love Scene #1 (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1969)

Love Scene #2 (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1969)

Love Scene #3 (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1969)

Love Scene #4 (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1969)

Love Scene #5 (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1969)

Love Scene #6 (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1969)


Seabirds (Waters/1969)

Scat Section (non-crédité/1972)

Scream thy last Scream (Barrett/1967)

Sexual revolution (Pink Floyd Version) (Waters/1978)

Sign of Life (1978 Version) (Gilmour/1978)

Silas Lane (Barrett/1968)

Sleep (non-crédité/1969)

Small Theme (Gilmour/1992)

Snowing (Barrett/1967)

Soundscape (Gilmour, Wright, Mason/1994)

Squire of Roydon (non-crédité/1975)

Stephan Tit (non-crédité/1969)

Stoned Alone(Barrett/1966)

Stoolfix (non-crédité/1967)


Sunshine (Barrett, Mason, Waters, Wright/1967)

Sweet, oh my sweet


Tape Bubbles (Barrett/1967)

Tape Dawn (Waters/1967)

Tape Ending (Wright/1967)

Teach (Waters/1977)

Teacher, Teacher (Waters/1978)

The Christmas Song (Unknow/1969)

« The Committee Soundtrack » (Barrett's Version) (Barrett/1968)

« The Committee Soundtrack » (Pink Floyd Version) (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1968)

The Dogs Of War(Gilmour, Moore/1987)

The Final Cut (First version) (Waters/1974)

The Labyrinth of Auximenes (non-crédité/1969)

The Last few Bricks (Waters/1980)

The Mortality Section (Wright/1972)

The Most Boring Song I’ve Ever Heard Bar Two(Wright/1968)

The Narrow Way (Gilmour/1968)

The Pink Jungle(Barrett, Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour/1969)

The Prophet/the Doctor (Waters, Gilmour/1978)

«The Sound of Changes» (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1968)

The Thin Ice (part 2)(Waters/1977)

The Travel Sequence(Gilmour, Waters, Wright, Mason/1972)

Theme (Beat Version)(Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1969)

«Tomorrow World Jam»(Mason, Waters/1967)


«Unfinished Symphony»(akaAutumn 68') (Wright/1969)

Unknow Song(Gilmour, Mason, Waters, Wright/1969)



Vegetable Man (Barrett/1967)


Walking on the Other Side (non-crédité/1993)

What shall we do now? (Waters/1979)

When the Tigers broke Free (Waters/1982)

Who’s sorry now ?(Waters/1978)

Wild Thing (non-crédité/1971)

Wondering and Dreaming (Barrett/1967)

Work (Non-crédité/1969)


You possible pasts (Waters/1978)

You’ve got to be Crazy (Gilmour, Waters/1974)

Young Lust (first version) (Waters, Gilmour/1979)

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