HEART BEAT, PIG MEAT (Gilmour, Waters,Wright, Mason)

« …teenagers are sometimes so freaked out they can't sit up straight in class...

...manufacturers in these states report life expectancies for engines is double...

...maxi coats are both a curse and a blessing if your dry cleaners who charge you fourteen shillings to tie the new styles and nearly double...

...we're taking our nags, Ace. Yeah, they're making damn good targets of themselves. Let them have it...

...win a Florida holiday and a color TV...

...I'd like to say to him just once … »

CRUMBLING LAND (Gilmour, Waters,Wright, Mason)

In a while I’ll find the time to make the sunshine mine

In a smile I saw a single eagle in the sky

Wheeling, soaring, gliding by

On a hill there lived a man with many shining things

Shiny pool, a shiny car and shiny diamond rings

Wining, dining, shining king

And the eagle flies in clear blue skies

Breathing in the clear blue air

Back here on the ground another dealer coughs and dies

And fifty more come rolling off

The Ford production line

Then a man appearing like a mirage on the sand

In his hand, a moving picture of the crumbling land

Screaming, dealing, movie man

Here we go, hold your nose and see if something blows

Close your eyes, count to ten and see the sunrise rise

Climbing, high into the sky

By the ornamental lake, a diamond lies

Upon the finger of the king

On high the eagle spies the glitter of a gun

And wheeling in a climbing turn he flies into the sun

COUNTRY SONG (Gilmour, Waters,Wright, Mason)

He made his way to the border

In the shadow, under the trees

Down by a stream, in a hollow

Turn your head, feel the breeze

And the Red Queen was waiting for the news

For the White King to move

And the balance hung upon the head of one who tried

To stay within the shadows

And keep his undercover secret tight

They let him in by a backway

Into a chamber reserved for the Queen

She took the note that he gave her

Opened it slowly and started to read

Run to the treasury and bring me back some gold

Give it to the pawn who came, she cried

He says the White King thinks the game of chess is wrong

And all the courtiers crowded her

And this is what she told the gathered round

Go to the store by the dungeon

Take all the red paint, take all the white

Make up a newborn colour

Cover your neighbor, we'll be alright

There will be no game today, she cried across the board

Every day will be a holiday

And all the pieces cheered as tidings spread abroad

And the Pink Queen sat

And smiled at the cat, who smiled back

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